5 Benefits of Learning English in 2023

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Industry Updates

Languages connect people.  As the most commonly spoken language in the world, learning English is a great investment in your future success. Speaking English gives people access to a wider range of information, a more diverse network and more job opportunities than ever before.

But what are the specific benefits of learning the English language?  There are many, but here are 5 benefits of taking English language classes in 2023.

Boost and expand career possibilities

Knowing how to communicate effectively in English, the world’s lingua franca, is a valued asset in today’s global economy.

Statistics show that candidates’ chances of being hired increase when they include English proficiency on their resume. In 2023, as several nations continue to transition beyond the adverse economic impacts of COVID-19, more professional opportunities will likely exist for English speakers.

Additionally, it is commonly accepted that people who can communicate in a second language, are more marketable and thus, may achieve greater compensation (up to 10%-15%) than those who communicate in a singular language.

Travel confidently

Many individuals are making plans to travel and see the globe again.

English is the official language and spoken as the primary language in popular countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. However, as many as 75 of the world’s most populated countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Mauritius, Fiji, and Kenya have coined English as their official or non-official (not by law) language in recognition of the role it plays in enhancing their presence on the global stage.

Knowing English will help you make the most of your time abroad by enabling you to explore and travel confidently as you learn more about the places and cultures you visit.

Gain access to world-class education institutions

Taking English language courses also increase your chances of being accepted to some of the world’s top universities.

English proficiency is essential since many of the world’s top institutions are either located in the United Kingdom or the United States with a significant offering of courses taught in English.

If you want to attend English-speaking institution such as Stanford, Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge or MIT, having English language proficiency indeed gives you an advantage amongst thousands of applicants.

Improve your brain capacity

Research shows that learning a new language is a great mental workout. The brain’s electrical activity, and even its structure and size, are designed to process in a unique way while learning a new language. This is unlike the brain’s processing activity while learning other sorts of work skills.

Studies also show that age is not a factor in one’s ability to learn a language.  Thus, it’s never too late to start expanding your linguistic horizons by picking up a second language in addition to your mother tongue.

The increased cognitive capacity amongst bilinguals has also supported research claims that they are more likely to experience delayed onset of Alzheimer or dementia diseases than their monolingual counterparts (if at all).

Learn how to communicate better

Learning English as a second language involves more than just picking up words and phrases; it also involves developing one’s verbal and written abilities.

Even if you can speak English pretty fluidly, your working level of fluency does not necessarily mean that your grammar is accurate or that your vocabulary is robust.

Through proper study and understanding of how the English language works , you will undoubetedly be effective in connecting with people across various social, educational, and professional settings.

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