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Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. ANTON CHEKHOV

Who We Are?


We are a boutique Business English language company on a quest to nurture English learners from multi-cultural backgrounds with a desire to boost professional confidence and productivity at work.

We offer 1:1 sessions with our instructors who have over 150 years of combined experience using the student centered teaching approach. We work with you and inspire you at your specific level and pace to design what you NEED to achieve your goals.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing Business English language lessons particularly designed to empower professionals everywhere with real-world language knowledge needed to help them achieve significant career growth and reach their full potential.

Our foundation is built on 3 solid pillars:


which are stepping stones for everything we do on a daily basis.

Our Vision

We aim to become the leading language education platform

With an eminent reference for Business English language learners globally.

Our ultimate goal is to generate a meaningful long lasting impact on the global workforce by providing individuals with the best language skills and knowledge to become more confident, resourceful, and successful at what they do.

Join us and let’s do it together,

one fun lesson at a time!

LUANN PARKER – Managing director

For many years, I managed projects with professionals of different nationalities and levels around the world. For most of them, English was not their first language, and in most cases, it showed. I typically assisted my colleagues by correcting the English in their written correspondence, and spent long hours in unproductive meetings where ideas that could be easily shared within seconds took minutes to be expressed due to the functional language limitations of many participants.

As a passionate advocate of efficiency and dynamism, I kept thinking that if only the communication were smoother and more coherent, the productivity of the teams around me would be greatly improved and project timelines would be achieved as projected.

These incessant thoughts culminated into a decision to offer my assistance in a more structured setting. Therefore, I boldly decided to create an English language educational platform designed exclusively for professional non-native English speakers to empower these driven and very talented individuals to meet their own growth objectives while delivering projects successfully.

Wordy Affairs is not just about learning the basics of Business English use. It is an affair which takes you BEYOND any English language limitations ever imagined.









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