15 Best Podcasts in Education (2022)

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Teacher's Lounge

Podcasts can be a fun and educational way to pass the time if you’re looking to do something that doesn’t
involve social media or television. These podcasts are perfect for teachers, educators, and even parents and students who are looking to get a better understanding of how the education industry ticks.

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1. Cult of Pedagogy
Jennifer Gonzalez discusses everything to do with teaching with each episode. From EdTech to creative
teaching strategies, she’s got you covered. She also invites educators, parents and students to discuss matters that you wouldn’t otherwise find in a school book.

2. Encyclopedia Womannica
Learn about the incredible women in history with these 5-minute podcasts! The team behind this podcast make
sure to talk about women in history that you may or may not have heard already. Episodes rarely ever exceed 10 minutes and you’ll be able to listen to stories about women like Jeannette Rankin, Gloria Steinem and Carole King!

3. TED Talks Daily
In case you missed it, you can listen to TED talks on the go! There’s an episode for almost anything and

4. #EdChat Radio
This ten-minute podcast highlights conversations from the #edchat Twitter topic. Hosts will reflect on weekly topics and discussions and it’s perfect for those who haven’t had time during the week to participate in discussions themselves.

5. Science Underground
A two-minute weekly podcast hosted by scientist Ainissa Ramirez and Bill Retherford that discusses lesson
ideas related to STEM subjects and is targeted at students and adults.

6. The History of Rome (Spotify/Apple)
It’s well-known that the Roman Empire was one of the greatest empires to ever exist. It launched a diversity of languages, cultures and beliefs that still influence society even today. The History of Rome podcast is great for those history buffs who may not have the time to read thousands of pages that go over the entire history of Rome. Listen as host Mark Duncan talks about the small beginnings of Italy to its global domination.

7. Stuff You Should Know
Stuff You Should Know is a well-known educational podcast that covers virtually everything! From history,
science, to pop culture ~ there’s an episode that will pique everyone’s interest. Although hosts Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark aren’t experts on every topic, they do a great job at being informative while speaking.

8. A Taste of the Past (Spotify/Apple)
If you’re a foodie and a history buff, this podcast is perfect for you! Explore history by diving into the culture of different foods and learn about the region each dish comes from. Each episode focuses on a different dish or a method of cooking and goes in-depth to discover its history and origins.

9. Houston, We Have a Podcast
The official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center lets you in on everything that happens above the
clouds. The hopes of traveling into space may not come to fruition for everyone, but you can learn the ins and outs of space travel and even space botany with this riveting podcast.

10. The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast
Host Vicki Davis talks about different themes in education during her insightful episodes. With five episodes per week, there’s a theme for each day! Motivational Mondays are useful to help you get motivated for the school week ahead; EdTech Tool Tuesdays gives you insight on the best and most practical EdTech tools available; Wonderful Classroom Wednesdays lets you listen to other teachers who do amazing things for the community; Thought Leader Thursdays lets you listen in to the top authors and researches, and 5-Idea Fridays offers 5 practical ideas for teachers to use!

11. The Creative Classroom
John Spencer started his podcast to share stores, strategies and tools with teachers that will help them boost cfeativity in the classroom. He offers anecdotes about his past experiences as well, and what he’s learned on his journey to becoming an educator. He aims to help teachers to transform their classrooms into one that’s full of imagination and wonder.

12. Truth for Teachers
Hosted by Angela Watson, this podcast covers the daily lives of educators and teachers and offers words of
motivation, encouragement and truth to inspire educators for every school week.

13. House of #EdTech
Christopher Nesi explores the world of EdTech and how technology tends to impact the way educators teach
today, as well as education in general. He invites teachers and innovators to speak on the podcast to offer their teaching strategies and tips for every educator and teacher out there listening.

14. The Google Teacher Podcast
Matt Miller and Kasey Bell dive into the world of EdTech tools that are constantly being developed and evolving The podcast recommends the best of the Google Apps that can aid in education and even shares tips for applications like Google Slides or Google Sheets.

15. Grammar Girl
The award-winning podcast hosted by Mignon Fogarty provides short episodes that are focused on writing and
style. This podcast is perfect for those aspiring writers who are looking to improve their skills and even for those teachers who want to better their teaching skills.

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